Thursday, 28 June 2012

Civil fraud, bark and co solicitors london -DAILYMOTION

Whether you are accused of fraud or a victim of fraud, Bark & Co is able to bring in expert and experienced legal assistance without delay.

For victims of fraud, we will where necessary call upon a partnership of forensic accountants and investigators to help examine your case in detail. They will formulate a strategy and utilize all available legal tools with a view to obtaining maximum recompense for you, the client. Our teams do not hesitate to obtain freezing and search orders to achieve their goals and always work proactively and aggressively in the interests of a successful outcome. Bark & Co are staffed by experienced lawyers complemented by former law enforcement officers who possess a proven record of success in this area.

Should you be accused of fraud, the sanctions imposed on you as an individual can be financially challenging as well as distressing. Our teams are used to reacting quickly to seek to reduce these effects whilst investigating your defense to the earliest possible conclusion.

Bark & Co has unrivalled experience in defending those accused of fraud, in particular in the criminal sphere, and these skills are readily transferable to the civil courts.

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